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Experts in communicating to medical and health professionals and lay audiences

Whether it's helping you to develop a project from inception or simply polishing a rough draft, our expertise includes just about anything you need written, organized, revised, checked, or designed. Our medical writers and editors can help you: focus on your purpose, organize important messages and supporting information, improve the flow of ideas, persuade your readers, achieve the proper tone, improve format and structure to intensify your presentation, reach your target audience with impact.


Medical Writing and Editing Services

Our medical editors and medical proofreaders work on: medical and peer-review journal articles, medical grant proposals (NIH), clinical study reports, book manuscripts, and medical textbook chapters, medical research reports, clinical trial reports, scientific documents, medical posters, technical reports, personal statements for medical school applications, website content for online publishers, and curriculum and course material.

Medical and scientific document formatting: American Medical Association (AMA), American Psychological Association (APA), Council of Science Editors (CSE), Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE), LaTex.

Our goal is to ensure that the medical, health, and science professionals we serve – you – achieve accuracy and excellence in your writing.

We will help you get your book or journal article published, your textbook completed, your medical grant proposal funded, your dissertation accepted, your brochure or press release polished. We can also help you translate complex subjects into simpler language that is easily understood by lay readers.

Our medical editors and medical proofreaders help ensure that: the text is well organized and internally logical; there is no unclear, missing, and/or contradictory information (your input will be sought and incorporated to correct any problems); supporting material (such as figures, tables, and reference notes) is clearly presented, correct, and consistent with the text; and the text conforms to the desired publication style (AMA, CSE, CBE, APA, IEEE) or other required content, style, or formatting guidelines.